Monday, April 9, 2012

Kanzashi detailed knit skirt out of an XL t-shirt

Here's my newest creation!

Yes not the best picture, as usual my photographing skills still have a lot to be desired.. 

Okay so the basic idea is, I took an XL sized men's t-shirt and first removed all the seams - sleeves and neck (not the sides - I left it in so I could do less sewing! :D )

Then cut just under the arms like here
to get the bottom of the skirt.

That way the bottom and sides are already sewn in ;)

But, the top of that skirt is not only unsewn and needs a band, but its too wide. Now I could have just done the gathers thing, but gathers make my tummy look big. So I measured how much my waist should be, and then made a diagonal line till the side. and on that diagonal part, I sewed in the pocket with the sleeves.

Next the chest portion of the T-shirt I had, had a print, so I turned it inside out, cut the width to fit my waist. And then used this method to make the waist band.

So now that the skirt is ready, the leftover bits of material, I turned in to the Kanzashi butterflies.

You can go here for the tutorial on how to make the two kinds of petals (wings)

And then this was my inspirations for the butterflies

Now given that I'm not that skilled, and didn't have enough material, I simplified it. 
I made only one petal for each wing, though different styles - the pointy one for the top and the curved one on the bottom. 

The centre is a trim of fabric to cover the edges, and because I didn't have any beads and wanted something there, I cut up some lace trim into a design that it already had. and stitched it onto it.

The butterflies are currently only pinned onto the skirt, reason being that I have days when I'm a tom-boy and don't like all the frills and fluff and would like to either remove them, lessen them or changed the arrangement. 

As always comments and hopefully positive criticisms are very welcome. Any confusions, please let me know if I can clarify something for you.

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