Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why do I recycle old clothes into new ones?


My closet is FULL to the brim with old clothes, many of which I don't wear. On last check, I realised I have 5 old pink T-shirts which I don't use (yes I'm the girl that loves pink.. can't you tell yet?). I mean its literally full, was trying to put in some laundry today, and I had a good workout with the hangers in the closet trying to shove them so that I could place the new ones.

That coupled with...

I need new clothes! Yes, cliche I know, but don't we all?

Equals, re-hash all old clothes into something usable :D

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Corset Denim Dress - DIY

So I finally got about to completing my DIY Denim/Jeans Project... Yay me!

I don't have a sewing machine (yet...*fingers crossed*), but endless pokes and pricks from my needle later my Jeans got converted to this lovely dress. Yup, its not perfect.. but it fits and doesn't look too bad :)

Being handstitched, I suggest going over your seams twice, I used a blanket stitch on the edges and a Running stitch a lil inward with double thread (I don't know how to single stitch). My mom suggests that I take it to a professional tailor and get all the seams redone, just so that my effort doesn't go to waste :)

First you'll have to measure the length from your shoulder to your waist and add about 4 inches to that for seam allowances. (one for the waist, two for A and B that is joined under the bust and the last one on the shoulder). Measure that from the bottom of your jeans upwards and then cut the length. 

A cautionary advice here, I used stretchy jeans and you'll have to make sure that the measurement of the "A" portion around your knees adds up to your waist. If it doesn't, I suggest instead of a Zip like I did, try a typical corset style tie-up with an extra panel inside of a different cloth if you feel like, or if your wearing a t-shirt like me inside which covers your tummy, then you really wouldn't need that extra panel.

The lower portion becomes the top part. you'll have to sew "B" to "A". And a little bit under the arms. 

I took out the inner seam of the jeans and stitched the left and right side at the back. And again stitched the "B" portion to the "A" portion.   

Shape the front straps the way you want, lay the left over the right to make sure they are exactly the same before you cut anything. Once cut the leftover part becomes the triangle on the front and back of the skirt. Until the top was done, I didn't hem the bottom because I was hoping for left over material to make the triangle (it helps make the skirt a little more A-line on the bottom)

In the front I took out the original Zip and where you can see my expertly drawn orange line is the new longer zip. Why such a long zip you ask? Well, I first tried putting the Zip at the back (that's where most zips go I figured I couldn't go wrong..) and the front was stitched up.. and what happened? well... my butt :P  Check the Rage comic at the bottom for a play by play lol.. 

Hope you understood the DIY, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Blogging Debut

Hi Folks

Welcome to my little part of the world. Here you'll find stuff that I've either made, or been inspired by or things that generally interest me and my loved ones :)

I enjoy a variety of mediums and am always looking to learn new ones! 
CG art (2D and 3D) and Clay Modelling Miniatures are stuff that I do and enjoy. I'd love to invite you to check out some of my work over at

However, I love to experiment and have recently tried my hands at some DIY clothing, will post about those soon. 

Questions, Critiques (hopefully constructive) and general hellos are always appreciated and looked forward too, I'll leave you with some of the work I've done.

Midnight's Angel

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