Monday, July 23, 2012

Crochet Trials

After that skirt I made last, my finger which I used to pull the needle and roll the thread into a knot ended up in a couple of tiny calluses. So, I'm taking a break from stitching till I get a machine, or till it calls me strong enough to get back and decided to try crochet.

I've never been taught it, and it looks so pretty on blouses/shawls etc.. so I figured I'd teach myself with the help of lovely tutorials online.

Below is a few links one to a site and the other to youtube where I learnt the basic stitches.

And here is where I've managed to learn how to read a crochet chart, she explains it pretty well.
My try isn't so neat, but I'm getting there.

My main trouble is with the tension of a stitch, used to have that problem when we learnt knitting in school, never quite got the hang of it and subsequently gave it up. Hoping I'll stick with this longer though :)

Anyone have any suggestions of nice sites/links where I can learn crochet online?

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